The conventional sales wisdom says that increasing sales is best accomplished by improving the quality of the sales team. For the Fortune 500, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in training, recruiting, and paying top-tier talent is a viable strategy.

For mid-sized and smaller businesses, “buying your way out of the problem” is not a viable option.

We have studied top-performing sales teams of 10 or less and discovered hundreds of best practices that allow them to perform like Fortune 500 teams for a fraction of the cost.


Stop taking time away from your business to do sales management. We fix and manage your sales team for maximum results with minimal investment.


Unmanaged or under-managed sales forces are a financial drain. Both owners and salespeople lose money because of lost deals and imperfect sales process. SalesQB has found a way to cost-effectively manage the small business sales function and create better results for all parties.

Our second core philosophy is that good sales process out-performs reliance upon sales superstars. Having a sales god on staff is nice, but they can hold an owner hostage and create as many problems as they solve. As a bonus, the sales god owns your sales process. By creating a PRSP (Proven and Repeatable Sales Process), the business owner can wrestle control from the sales god.

Lastly, we believe that one-on-one coaching works better than sales training. Sales training works great for some, but not for all. Here’s why – sales training is only knowledge, and it’s knowledge misapplied. Sales coaching takes actual sales situations and gently changes the salesperson’s behavior. This results in gently improving performance.