Fractional Sales Management (FSM)

Each week your FSM spends a half day at your company location and performs the high impact sales management activities that drives the sales effort forward. We work on creating a repeatable sales process, managing a pipeline and managing goals. Each program is custom tailored to our clients needs. By building a sales system that is sustainable and precise, it will create a consistent process for the entire team. We make the team more effective and accountable by developing 1) sales force automation, 2) lead generation, 3) sales training. We make positive long term changes that drive your business ahead and help you maximize your opportunities before the competition does. We are sales problem solvers and our customers think of us as sales leverage. We do things they know they should, but don’t have the time or bandwidth to get it done. Our goal is simple. Increase your sales now and build the foundation for increased sales after the FSM is gone. You can expect the systems we implement to directly impact your top and bottom line.

Sales Best Practices Audit

Our Sales Best Practices Audit (SBPA) goal is to determine the state of your sales organization by evaluating the what, why and how things are done inside your selling and marketing processes and activities. The purpose is to measure how your sales organization compares to current best practices and to determine what if any changes should be implemented to allow the selling group to either stabilize or improve and grow. The following three major steps occur in our service delivery.

  1. Understand What You Do and How You do it- The interview is conducted at your business office with your current business leader, whether the founder, CEO or president. This activity involves us asking a number of important questions about your sales organization. This conversation will normally last about one to one-and-a-half hours, depending on your answers. The information gained from the interview becomes input into our diagnosis and analysis process.
  2. Diagnose & Analyze How Your Company stacks up to our Sales Best Practices- From the CEO interview, we use all your answers and our understanding of how you operate to analyze what we see as your important challenges and significant issues which are barriers to accomplish improvement and growth. We compare what we know about your selling organization to our comprehensive library of best practices and use this comparative information to formalize our recommendations into a detailed report for you. Our diagnosis and analysis process normally takes about one week to complete.
  3. Review Our Findings with you-  We meet again with you to deliver our report and to review what we determined about your sales organization. Our summary contains our key findings with what you are doing right and our recommendations for change. In addition, we spend time explaining what we have determined and how to accomplish implementing our recommendations.

Seven Reasons Companies Need an Outsourced Sales Manager

1. Owners often dislike sales management and avoid the necessary work.
2. Promoting a high-performing salesperson to sales manager rarely works.
3. Selling sales managers underperform vs. exclusive sales managers.
4. A little bit of sales management goes a long way…..coaching, accountability, pipeline management.
5. 1/4 the time of a sales management professional yields better results than 100% of the time of an average sales manager.
6. Many companies do not have a proven prospecting process, sales process, closing process, and accountability system. Sales managers create them.
7. Every salesperson, even a business owner, will sell more with a sales manager helping them.

Is a Fractional Sales Manager Right For My Company?

1. Has your company’s growth slowed or stalled?
2. Have you experienced a vacancy in the position of your top sales
3. Are you a busy CEO filling the role of Chief Sales Officer or another key executive who is needed elsewhere?
4. Does your company struggle to find new business or enough business?
5. Is your sales process broken and your company consistently loses
sales because someone “dropped the ball” internally?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you owe it to yourself and to your company to at least meet with me and learn more.


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