Exactly What Does SalesQB Do?

SalesQB provides outsourced Fractional  Sales Managers for companies with:

  1. No sales manager.
  2. A split time sales manager.
  3. An underperforming sales manager.
  4. An owner serving as a sales manager.

Our premise is that a $175,000/yr. sales management professional working with your team on a fractional management basis will have more impact than a full-time average performer.

What Does a FSM (Fractional Sales Manager) Do?

Each week your FSM spends a half day at your company location and performs the high impact sales management activities that drives the sales effort forward. We work on creating a repeatable sales process, managing a pipeline and managing goals.

Each program is custom tailored to our clients needs by building a sales system that is sustainable and precise. It will create a  consistent process for the entire team. We make the team more effective and accountable by developing 1) sales force automation, 2) lead generation, 3) sales training.

We make positive long term changes that drive your business ahead and help you maximize your opportunities before the competition does.

We are sales problem solvers and our customers think of us as sales leverage. We do things they know they should, but don’t have the time or bandwidth to get it done.

Our goal is simple. Increase your sales now and build the foundation for increased sales after the FSM is gone. You can expect the systems we implement to directly impact your top and bottom line.

How Long Have You Been Around?

SalesQB has been helping clients seize and maximize their opportunities since 2002.

The conventional sales wisdom says that increasing sales is best accomplished by improving the quality of the sales team. For the Fortune 500, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in training, recruiting, and paying top-tier talent is a viable strategy.

For mid-sized and smaller businesses, “buying your way out of the problem” is not a viable option. So how do you improve the performance of the sales function and keep the sales team you have?

It’s not easy, but it is possible. We have studied top-performing sales teams of 10 or less and discovered hundreds of best practices that allow them to perform like Fortune 500 teams for a fraction of the cost.

What Is The Pathway to Increase Your Sales?

Step 1.

Placing one of our top-notch sales management pros as your Fractional Sales Manager™

This removes the burden of sales management from the owner and puts a talented manager in a position where superior skill matters. Each week, the SalesQB will work with you and your team to improve lead generation, better structure the sales process, leverage sales technologies, create a pipeline model and accountability, and individually coach reps.

Best of all, you can access a superstar sales manager for about 1/3 the cost of the below-average sales manager you can afford. The SalesQB program streamlines sales management to the vital tasks which allow the SalesQB to spend only 1/2 day each week with each client.

Step 2.

  • Step 1: Auditing your sales best practices
  • Step 2: Increasing lead generation quantity and efficiency
  • Step 3: Creating a “proven & repeatable sales process” for the company
  • Step 4: Leveraging technology to reduce sales costs and effectiveness
  • Step 5: Improving sales management by installing models, systems, and management
  • Step 6: Improving individual salesperson performance through coaching, mentoring, and training

Step 3.

Freeing the owner from sales management tasks and allowing them to focus on more important activities

Sales management is important, but most business owners do not enjoy it and have better things to do. Most mid-sized businesses have “leakage” in the sales department. That is, they are losing deals, forfeiting margin, and incurring higher costs than they should due to under-management or an under-skilled sales manager.
A SalesQB has the requisite skills and toolbox necessary to create more profit from your sales department.

Step 4.

Getting your sales function running smoothing and efficiently

Once your process is fully implemented, you can retain your SalesQB to manage the process or turn it over to one of your people. This process takes time, but the system will become a vital asset to your business. We recommend you retain your SalesQB to coach and manage your staff, but you are free to take the system created and run with it.