SalesQB Approach

Unmanaged or under-managed sales forces are a financial drain. Both owners and salespeople lose money because of lost deals and imperfect sales process. SalesQB has found a way to cost-effectively manage the small business sales function and create better results for all parties.
Our second core philosophy is that sales process out-performs sales superstars. Having a sales superstar is nice, but they can hold an owner hostage and create as many problems as they solve. By creating a PRSP (Proven and Repeatable Sales Process), the business owner can wrestle control from the sales superstar.
Lastly, SalesQB believes that one-on-one coaching works better than sales training. Sales training works great for some, but not for all. Here’s why – sales training is only knowledge, and it’s knowledge unapplied. Sales coaching takes actual sales situations and gently changes the salesperson’s behavior. This results in gently improving performance.

SalesQB Story

As early as 2002 SalesQB began to see small companies yearning for a way to handle small sales forces. There is simply no good way to manage 1-10 salespeople. We saw clients dealing with this “diseconomy of sales scale” in one of five ways:
1. The business owner took time away from CEO-ing to manage the sales force. Since CEOs typically do not like sales management, they invested little time in it and got little results.
2. No one manages sales. Sure, it was cheap, but none of the benefits of professional sales management can accrue.
3. Hire a cheap sales manager. This usually ended badly with the owner wishing they had skipped the expense as the person lacked the high-level skills needed.
4. Hire a skilled sales manager. This solved the skill issue, but the cost of managing each employee was excessive.
5. Promote a salesperson to working sales manager. This solution made sense on paper and typically ended very badly. The salesperson stops selling and usually is not a great sales manager. Therefore the company got a double-whammy. Lost sales and a bad sales manager.

Starting with a handful of customers in Indianapolis, the organization has grown to over twenty-five cities in North America. The SalesQB program started with a simple philosophy – high-caliber sales management can move companies to the next level.
In 2016 the Fractional Sales Management™ program became known as SalesQB. This robust framework helps companies benefit from super-star caliber sales management at a fraction of the cost.

Nicholas Uchyn, MBA

Meet Your Las Vegas SalesQB

Visionary and Entrepreneurial Business Executive – Sales, Marketing and Business Development, with a demonstrated ability to build profitable organizations. Known for unlocking the value in emerging technologies, evaluating market potential, formulating commercial and market strategies, and developing and retaining individuals who make critical contributions to organizational success. Equally effective in diverse start-up, early stage and mature corporate and governmental environments.  Nicholas has completed all the SalesQB training requirements and has successfully received his SalesQB credentials as a certified Fractional Sales Manager. To receive this certification from SalesQB, candidates must meet stringent educational and practical experience criteria. Nicholas is now part of an elite group of U.S. sales and marketing practitioners who have achieved the distinction of becoming a SalesQB.


We believe our mission is to improve lives through business.  An underperforming sales team can be frustrating and financially stressful.  A good business equals a good life.  A bad business makes for challenging home life.  By creating the best possible business for owners, we create a more meaningful whole-life experience.

SalesQB Testimonial

“I used to get frustrated about all our missed opportunities, whether it was salespeople blowing a deal or just never having the time to get around to all the work that needed to get done. Now my salesQB handles everything for me. Sales are up, and my stress is way down.”
– Mike Kuepper – Party Direct