Fractional Sales Management (FSM)

Some small businesses have a problem that is not their fault – sales diseconomies of scale. That’s a complicated way of saying that the cost of quality sales management per salesperson exceeds the profit gained by it. An excellent sales manager can add tremendous value, but if they cost $250K managing only three salespeople, $83K is too much per salesperson. Everyone gets economies of scale in manufacturing. If I make paper towels, I cannot produce them as efficiently as Bounty. When the diseconomies are in the sales department, it usually plays out one of three ways: 1) the owner manages the sales. This is a great idea as the owner has the talent to do the job. However, most business owners are already time-starved and really don’t have the time to manage sales, so it doesn’t get much attention. 2) the best salesperson is told to keep selling and manage sales. This is a double losing proposition as you typically trade a great salesperson for a weak sales manager and lose part of their sales production in the meantime. 3) there is no one managing sales. The owner tells himself that the salespeople can manage themselves, so no manager is needed. This may be partially true but it’s hard to fathom that no management will create equal results to excellent management.
If you could lower the cost of management per salesperson, you could gain the benefits for a fraction of the cost. That’s what we do at SalesQB, help businesses bridge the gap between an unmanaged sales function and an over-priced one. We do it by fractionalizing the sales management position similar to a part-time CFO. Businesses get the benefit of a high-caliber sales manager but share them with other businesses in the area.

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Our Top 5 Services That Will Strengthen Your Business

1. We guide your marketing and sales teams to increase lead generation and pipeline management.
2. We create a proven and repeatable sales process.
3. We leverage current technologies to sustain and support these efforts,
4. We establish the appropriate standards for sales management.
5. We guide and mentor your salespeople.

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Sales Best Practices Audit

Our Fractional Sales Management program is usually initiated with a Sales Best Practices Audit to understand, analyze and diagnose the state of your sales organization. After reviewing the results with you, we can provide fundamental processes to ensure that your sales organization will improve and grow. We accomplish this by implementing our Fractional Sales Management six-step "The Pathway to Sales Growth", which guides the tailoring of processes and practices for your sales organization.

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Eight Critical Areas We Concentrate our Attention on

The service delivery takes time and effort to put things in place properly so that change will stick. Here are the subject areas we concentrate upon with the major objectives of:
1. Increasing and sustaining sales productivity.
2. Tracking results.
3. Managing sales resources.
4. Improving lead generation.
5. Managing all customer/client information and interactions relating to marketing and sales.
6. Analyzing marketing and sales effectiveness.
7. Closing more deals.
8. Directing and mentoring your people, all with the purposeful outcomes of increased marketing and sales effectiveness.


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